Welcome to EarlyBee!

What is EarlyBee?

A visual planner that gives back to you with real treasure. In essence, it is a scavenger hunt for your daily life. Translate your everyday activities into missions: any event or activity that you wish to create or participate in. These missions can be made public for all app users to view, shown to your friends, searchable by selected friends, or just for yourself.

EarlyBee comes with added map and calendar functions to help organize your missions visually. We’ve gathered all the vendors in California’s Bay Area so you can easily search and add them into your missions. These vendors will display EarlyBee logos which you can scan to unlock giveaways, play a game, or collect pollen. Best of all, we’re using the emerging augmented reality technology to make it fun!

EarlyBee is now available for download on Google Play Store for Android phone users. Soon we will release for iOS users and enable log-in capability from this website so you can view your dashboard.

What is it meant for?

Fun - Transform every day into an adventure

  • Collect pollen to buy character embellishments, treasures, or hidden features from the marketplace
  • Bee characters are customizable and evolve based on level
  • Download our teaser app, EarlyBeeAR, from Google Play Store to watch how augmented reality brings a game-like feel into every day things. Then scan the logo here: http://www.earlyplan.com/product.html. Watch the bee come to life!

Convenient - Visually organize your missions for optimal time-saving

  • Use the map to view your color coded mission routes; rearrange them to minimize your time driving
  • Calendar displays your missions in color coded blocks for easy viewing
  • Search for vendors according to your preferences and easily incorporate them into missions

Valuable - Missions you complete come with more than a cross-off-the-list satisfaction

  • Collect pollen by completing missions to earn treasure
  • Earn bigger rewards with a bigger mission team or if you are a higher level bee character

Social - Do more together, with people you know and want to get to know

  • Create, share, invite, or join a mission with your friends
  • Participate in team missions for group activities
  • Tag a friend to help you complete a mission in another location


EarlyBee is a flagship product created by EarlyPlan Inc. We are headquartered in San Jose, CA. Our ultimate goal is to build a location-based social game for daily activities. Find a detailed list of features here: http://www.earlyplan.com/for-consumer.html

Not all of the functions mentioned available yet but that’s where you come in. With the version we have released, we want to build a strong foundation with the mission, map, calendar, and search. From here, we want to hear your feedback as we continue to build and provide you with the best possible version of what we have in mind.


EarlyBee is our flagship product expected to be released in San Francisco Bay Area this Summer.

The goal for EarlyBee is to provide a unique, fun, and interactive channel of communication between consumers and vendors. We aim to give both sides a great experience using our product. EarlyBee will be accessible via website and on both iOS and Android mobile stores. Take a look at the pages below for more information on how we can aid your goals.

For Consumers

If you are a consumer, interested in discovering EarlyBee's unique features or using EarlyBee, get ready to make the shopping and planning experience more fun, more rewarding. Earn points that translate to real goods by participating in missions and invite your friends for group collaboration!

For Vendors

Our EarlyBee Crew is coming around to demo and give vendors like you stickers to post at your store. They have all the answers to your questions about signing up with us. If they have not yet come around, email us at admin@earlyplan.com so we can stop by sooner. We’re eager to come say hi!


We love to hear from you! Email us anytime to admin@earlyplan.com.

Love what we’re doing and want to join the team? Email us with your interested position, resume, and portfolio (if applicable).

If you don’t like email, send us a shoutout on our social media sites!